Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I’m a nostalgic man, enjoy remembering the past while not living it. I find comfort in things and memories of long ago. If I see someone without family or even friends, I think of how lonely it would be to die with no one in my life. I am fortunate to have people that are important to me in my life and cherish the thought of my family and friends.

TLW (The Little Woman) is quite opposite in the nostalgia department when it comes to things. Like me, she appreciates family and friends and cherishes them too. However, things from the past don’t stand a chance, namely my past.

If we have an appliance that has a broken handle but is still serviceable, I will keep it and work around the disability while she will throw it out. I have a shirt with a stain on it, I keep it to wear on an off day where I don’t care what I look like. She has a thread missing and it is gone! Remind me to NEVER have a thread loose or missing!

I suspect she has a shady past, one filled as an executioner in another life. Maybe she did Genghis Khan’s dirty work or was the executioner at the French Revolution.

One day she brought home a Basile plant in a pot.  Every day I watered it and cared for it like it was a baby.  Then when my son needed to have a by-pass, I flew out to Burbank and was gone for a week. When I returned there was the plant, sick and dying. The leaves were covered with black spots and the soil was like sandpaper!

With tears in my eyes, I tried to nurture the plant back to life, watering and doing what I could to have it live for at least one pesto sauce before we did lower the executioner’s ax.

There stood the plant next to the window where it was getting intense sunlight most of the day, water every day and an eye upon how much pesto I could make when TLW said: “I’m throwing the plant out. There is no sense in trying to save it.” Of course, these words came crashing down on me, tearing my soul and heart out into little pieces, and as for her, she was glad to get rid of it.

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