Thursday, October 13, 2016


I watched the Presidential Debate the other night and came away with nothing. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, instead, a mixed bag of conservatism and liberalism, and I agree as much as I disagree with all politicians.

As I watched the debate, I was looking for specifics as to what we do about those of us who need help in our lives: the homeless, returning veterans and their health, mental health, education, aging, and housing, all important. What I witnessed was the regurgitation of sex crimes by candidates and former presidents and baseless policy statements that have been for decades leading us to nothing but the same old crap. There were no real new ideas presented that had any traction to them, and certainly not solutions to problems we need to address.

But the biggest disappointment was the question of our returning veterans and the respect we should as a nation afford them. Where were the questions, where was the outrage that we do nothing for the returning veterans? Where is the outrage that America has forgotten them, the outrage that they have no housing or jobs or good medical coverage, yet they were asked to sacrifice their limbs and body?

The moderators at the debate sat on their high-horses and looked down like they are free of sin, clear of mind and have indeed all the answers, as they hide behind the walls of popular opinion, asking questions of their choosing. Why didn’t they address the homeless, the orphaned, the hungry and the sick, those without medical assistance because they are too poor? Why? Because the wonderful veterans are invisible in the eyes of the press?

We have made a big deal about discrimination, we have seen to it that this country is addressing the issue, but where is the veterans that matter? The veterans who have no jobs, no health insurance or a place to live?

We have a thing called Veteran’s Day, a wonderful tribute to all veterans. How much money is spent in commemorating veterans? Is it possible to dispense with the commemorations and spend the money on these people for their needs and livelihood instead? Maybe put them in forefront of American public concern? Or are we hoping the plight of the American veterans will someday just disappear?

Sorry to burden all of us about this, but it bothers me.

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