Wednesday, October 26, 2016


 I've reached the time in my life when things start to irritate me, things that I am tired of reading about or experiencing and wish would go away.

Kardashian and family.

What exactly is their claim to fame? Did they do anything worthwhile to garner all the attention they get? Can they act or sing? Do they raise huge amounts of money for charities?

I see in the gossip columns their names, and wonder who cares? They seem to be involved in fashion but all the clothes seem torn like they were in a fight or bloody street brawl! Some of them seem like they need to pay for two seats on a flight. It all seems like unnecessary attention to me.

Mercedes Drivers and their road ownership.

It never fails, you want the start or indirect cause of an accident, look for the Mercedes drivers, especially if the road is open enough for them to speed and cross over lanes without signaling. Often there is no courtesy from these drivers, as they change lanes, run up your ass and cut you off like they are saying: Get out of my way! I know they own or rent a Mercedes, but you don't hold sway over my life with your bad driving and discourtesy. And when did you get title to the road, to begin with?

TV Commercials.

It never fails, I get a sandwich for lunch, maybe a beer and decide to take a break and eat it while watching TV. I turn on the TV and what do I get? THE BEGINNING OF A RUN OF ENDLESS COMMERCIALS AND PROMO! I hate when that happens and it always does, so you wait impatiently for some programming, meanwhile, you finish your lunch and get disgusted and turn the damned thing off.

That Moron who cuts in front of me from a side road.

You are traveling at 45/mph, on an open road with no one in front or behind you, when suddenly someone makes a turn in front of you causing you to brake, and then drives at half your speed, meanwhile there is no one behind you! Why does the SOB do that? Why can't the moron wait for me to pass so he can drive at a snail's pace without almost causing an accident or making me angry about his stupidity?


You enter a restaurant and someone seats you and now you wait for the waiter or waitress or shall we say for expediency, the server. After what seems an eternity, the server finally shows up, with menus in hand and hands them off. They announce their name and tell me they will be my server. Who cares? "Can I get you a drink while you are waiting or have you made up your mind from the menu? Kiddo, you just handed me the menu, not even a speed-reader would be able to order without first opening up the menu and looking at it. Off the server goes, stopping to chat and meandering on the way to placing your order. Days go by and they return with your drink and a feeling of accomplishment that they delivered on the drink. "Have you decided yet on what you would like, or should I come back again?" If you dare leave me now, you may NEVER return so you give her your order. Now the order might have changed from when you did open the menu and the time it took for the return of your server, probably due to seasonal changes in the menu.

Finally, your food comes out and is placed in front of you, while the server wishes you a good appetite in French and disappears, temporarily. Three minutes after and every three minutes after that the server returns: Is everything OK? This is designed to show her concern. You be polite and say: "Yes" sometimes "Yes, thank you." Then if you do need something your server will never be seen or heard from again, even if the server does pass you, the eyes are cast down as if looking for loose change.


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