Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It was a rainy dreary Sunday morning as the effects of Hurricane Mathew pounded down around the Lake Shore Diner. TLW (The Little Woman) and I were out having a usual Sunday morning breakfast.

As we sat down in our usual booth, the young waitress came over and took our order, offering coffee first, and leaving us to our conversation. I was getting a feeling that we were watched, and as we chattered on in the booth that was aside from a large window that faced the main road, the feeling increased almost becoming disarming.
What's her name

I suddenly turned to look out the window, when I jumped sky high! At the end of the table, and behind the glass stood a scarecrow, courtesy of the diner, and the damned thing was looking in, right at me! The scarecrow, with blond stringy hair and large eyes, looked into mine unyieldingly, almost telling me it would stare me down.

TLW (The Little Woman) also startled agreed with me it was creepy.

"I was worried that TLW might become jealous, a blond sitting almost at our table and staring at me.

The owner, a sharp individual, fresh from making a lot of noise counting change from his register soon marched out to the scarecrow and turned it around, facing the road rather than me. This was a nice gesture as it might have been scaring him too.

As our breakfast was served and eaten, the wind slowly turned the damned thing sideways, now looking at me sideways.

"I guess she only has eyes for me! I said. TLW Agreed.

As the waitress came over with the check, I asked if it was only for two people, I wasn't paying for what's her name!


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