Sunday, October 02, 2016


Before high society took over!

It is time to reveal the truth. I married into a higher status, one filled with all the hob-snobbism of the country gentry. Not only am I downsized by status, the looming facts speak for themselves: 1) she works for a financial institution, 2) her kids ask for Mom when I answer the phone, 3) high-society has invaded her lifestyle. 4) I clean up after her when she goes to work!

Now, you may be wondering what I am complaining about, and that would be wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm observing. Allow me to expand.

Every day, TLW (The Little Woman) ventures out to the field of financial stability, helping the likes of us ordinary citizens to a more secure financial future, lending her advice and willingness to help the "Members" of the Wanna-Be-Bank & Truss Company manage their many millions of dollars (U.S.), straightening out angry, confused and disjointed people (I'm a member) to reach financial utopia with her sage advice. Often in the course of our suppers, she will relate: "I had a man come in today with a problem." Or, "I had a woman come in today with a complaint or better still, "I had this couple come in looking for a loan." I marvel that she manages to do this since she's really not all that tall to force anyone into the premises of the esteemed Wanna-Be-Bank & Truss Company.

OK, but it is her position in the Credit Union that has established her social status, and that my friend is what this is all about. Allow me to venture further.

Every Sunday for years I have taken TLW to the finer establishments for breakfast, high-brow joints where they have clean ketchup bottles on all the tables, even squeezable ones, and the brands are first class. (Hines)

And as usual, every Sunday we discuss the basic issues of the world, all the things that truly matter, mostly how she had a man come into the Wanna-Be-Bank and Truss Company. (Without telling me how she does it). Then this week it hit me fully in the kisser, she was breaking the tradition, the pattern, the way things used to be. This Sunday would be different! SHE was going to high tea on Sunday Morning with her fellow high rollers from the truss company, yes, high-tea!

The highest I ever had tea was standing up below sea-level in Brooklyn, she was reaching a higher status. Me, I'm still drinking coffee. Uncouth as that may be, drinking coffee is who I am. If I'm ‘high' on anything, it's after a few drinks.

I don't know what the outcome will be from this sudden jettison of social acceptability for her will be, but maybe I should pack a small travel bag, just in case.


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