Friday, November 25, 2016



Many years ago, I had a full head of hair! It was thick and curly, and it covered all of my head. Life was grand!

There once was a time when I could eat three pork chops or two steaks, with ease and vegetables with salad and potatoes. Life was super.

Once I could bound up three flights of stairs without getting winded, chasing a train or bus, life was an adventure.

In the old days, I stayed up until past midnight, Life was complete.

I used to date a few ladies at a time before settling on the gal of my dreams, Life was beautiful!

I don’t need to comb or brush time as much as I used to, by a whole lot. Life is going quicker.

I can barely eat one pork chop, and hold the vegetables.

Climbing the stairs, I now estimate time of arrival, stopping after 10 steps to take a breather.

I get tired at 8:00 PM and it is a struggle to stay up past 8:30 PM!

Today having a date is usually with my cardiologist or at least my PCP.

She is as filled with complaints as I am, we trade them off each morning, almost proud of who has more to complain about. Life is painful.

So, Dear Readers, what can I say, but: at least I can still type this blog.


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