Wednesday, November 09, 2016


The other night I got a call, one of many I have been getting during this election, a candidate running for office who wants my vote. This is the night before the general election. It went like this:

“Good evening, this is your candidate for State Assembly, Stacy Stankowski!”

My candidate! If so, why would you waste your time calling, me?

And what does she want? My vote. Will she get it? No.

So what’s the good news? Election day we rid ourselves of the obnoxious politicians asking for my vote. The promise of lower taxes, more jobs, and a balanced budget will no longer be promised as they don’t know how to do that. We go on about our duty to vote, I ask you, after what we put up for candidates, should we be allowed to vote? Isn’t something terribly wrong?

This election I have been getting calls at least two times an hour, and when I’m not home, these bums leave messages on my answering machine. That means I have to go through them to erase them all. I have caller ID and when I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer their call. Once again, I go through the messages they leave to erase them!

No more until 2020 will I hear how some stupid ill-formed plea for my vote, coupled with at the end of the lousy ad: “I approve this message” will be heard.

Where will we go to hear how the candidates have lied, cheated and raised taxes while in office? Meanwhile, we have no idea what the candidates are really promising in terms of what's needed and how they will do it.

Let’s face it, we are getting what we have been getting for the past 236 years, and we deserve it.


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