Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Friday morning, we decided that La Principessa (My beautiful Granddaughter) before pre-school would be treated to some Krispy Crème donuts.

Walking into a Krispy Crème early morning is a treat, they give you a sample donut, fresh as fresh could be, and I must tell you it is delicious. The variety of donuts, with the seasonal themes alone, are fantastic, but biting into one fresh out of the donut maker-INSANELY delicious.

La Principessa selected her donut, as Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa watched, the little lady took us to the table where we enjoyed the minutes of pure pleasure, just watching her eat, and make observations.

We decided to purchase a box of goodness to take home for La Principessa's mommy and Uncle Mike who was still asleep. Carrying the box of donuts as we crossed the parking lot, La Principessa barked out her orders: "March" and started to march with military precision and ordered all to march along with her! Carrying a flat box, a coffee cup, and her knapsack, I fell in step with everyone else, as our little leader barked out the cadence. An old man crossing our path took one look at us and laughed at me as I comically marched with the donut box and other goods in hand!

But once again she worked her magic in the car, as she started to sing:
"No, Abby, No Abby, NO, NO, NO!" that quickly became a group participation sung by Daddy, Grandma and ultimately me. Each of us contributed an order to Abby who is a rambunctious beautiful collie who lives with La Principessa and her family!

The original version created by La Principessa:

No, Abby, No Abby, NO, NO, NO!
Sit, Abby, Sit Abby, Sit, Shit, Sit!
Down, Abby, Down, Abby, Down, Down, Down!
Good Abby, Good Abby, Good, Good, Good!

You can even march to this!


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