Monday, December 12, 2016


Dad was a piece of work, not even God could hold him up.

Years ago, Dad told me a story that happened to him. It was a Sunday afternoon and Dad was going to the candy store to purchase a Sunday newspaper. As he reached down to the pile of newspapers, he sees the pastor of the local Catholic Church, a bastion for Italian Americans who built the first Italian-American church, built by Italians and with marble and stone from Italy called: Our Lady of Loretta Church on Sackman Place in Brooklyn.

The priest, who happens to be an active fundraiser, is also a very good friend of my grandmother, who happens to organize all the trips for the church to raise money. Trips to Italy and bus rides to upstate in New York, are Grandma's trademark.

"Good morning Tony!" says the good father.
"Good morning, Father!" says Dad.
"Did you go to Mass this morning, Tony?"
"Yes Father," says Dad. "%:30 this morning.
"Tell me, how is your mother?"
"She's fine Father," says Dad.
And your Dad, he is doing well, too?"
He's fine Father"
"And you two sisters, are they well?"
"Oh yes Father, they are doing very well."
"And tell me Tony, what about your brother, is he doing well?"
"Oh yes Father, he is doing very well."
"Well, Tony, glad to hear all that, have a great Sunday afternoon, and by the way, there is no 5;30 Mass!"


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