Friday, January 06, 2017


Sometimes you have to hang on until the last minute. Take for instance my troubles with the operation I may have to postpone. I tried one more time yesterday morning to convince the insurance company to cover the surgeon bill even though he was out of the network. I was given a phone number the surgeon needed to call to confirm he would do the procedure and they the insurance company could have a record.

I immediately called the surgeons office and gave them the information. Soon the surgeon’s office called back to tell me that we would be having a three-way conference call, and I needed to state that I wished to do this with an out of network surgeon.

I dialed in and we; the surgeon’s office, the insurer (Aetna) and myself were all hooked up. I stated my full name, and other info and the deal was completed. It is up to the Aetna now to give us the final approval.

I will wait and pray, maybe it will happen.

A question keeps popping into my head: what good does this network nonsense do for the consumer other than complicate things? It drives companies to keep changing their employee’s coverage because of high insurance costs, confuses the insured, and also leaves him wondering how much is out of pocket, and how much is non-deductible if any?


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