Sunday, January 29, 2017


I totally understand that there is a lot of anger coming from the political left because of the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. The anger stems from the majority of voters in that the majority rule lost out. It is a basic tenet in the concept of democracy that the will of the people always dictates the course our country takes.

Within the structure is the checks and balances of our particular government in regards to our imperfect democracy, the Electoral College, the fly in the electoral process or ointment.

Good friends are becoming nasty to one another, demeaning choices and one's intelligence.

If I may, I would expand on the issue of dissatisfaction by reminding everyone that this past election, the choices presented to us were not overwhelming or even exciting. I am sorry to say that I did not vote this time around because I abhorred both candidates from years ago. Although it is indeed time for a woman to become President of the United States, Hilary Clinton in my heart and soul represented the same old thing we've had before with men running. She was lifeless, uninspiring and I feel she is a liar.

Mr. Trump, I have loathed from the first time I heard his voice. He is a man of self-centered concerns, egotistical and also a liar. He lacks experience and I feel he is not thinking things out as President. Penalizing Mexico will lead Mexico into the arms of China or Russia as a major trading partner, giving them better traction in this already over-competitive world marketplace.

The one thing that Trump did to win over 49% of the populace was to get to the prejudices of voters, the ones that were not openly evident, but simmer under the surface he took them and by legitimizing them with an argument that could sound valid without exploring fully the consequences.

But I don't feel the Electoral College is at fault, but rather the voters who for years supported policies under their brand, never thinking to change their brand to fit with the times. We have embraced unconditionally, the concepts of the Republican and Democratic party year after year, leaving us with no choice but to vote a straight ticket because we feel we are ………'s, thus embedding us into the mire and the slush of outdated thinking.

Today's state of affairs is your and my doing, it is the left and the right, it is the different interest groups who follow blindly, without pause, labeling our political opponents and making them instead, our enemies.

Instead of arguing, let's pray for our country.


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