Saturday, January 28, 2017


But the joy is greater!

Yesterday morning as I sat with my coffee and the Little Woman, I went on Facebook and found my granddaughter as she played with her daddy under this toy tent that looks like a little bus.

This is how I pass my time. I mean how many times can I watch the same news story over and over again on TV? Instead of watching the weather report on the early morning news, I watch Darby Shea teach her daddy how to play. I watch it more times than I watch the same old on the Early Morning News!

Many people have said that if they retire they don't know what they would do. They should do what I do, watch their grandchildren on little movies, or Facebook pictures. My picture collection has to be over 1,000 poses about a hundred movies and boy I love it!

It is amazing how one little munchkin can turn a cranky old man into melted butter, how a sweet little voice demands more attention that the greatest masterpieces played at a symphony, grandparenting is a blessing, a loving event, and joyous occasion.

Every night when grandma comes home, the first question she asks is: "You're still here?" Then she asks: "Are there any pictures of Darby today?"

Pardon me, I need to go watch that clip again.


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