Sunday, January 22, 2017


As I sit here in pain, swallowing hard, coughing and feeling the swelling that grips my neck. I feel GREAT! All the wonderful wishes that came from all of you who sent them made me realize that the pain doesn't matter for long, but your friendship does.

I was lucky that I did the operation when I did, I was told originally that the blockage of my carotid artery was 90%, but it was 99%! I was ready to die and didn't know it. The blockage was as the surgeon said: "Like a hard ball of mass!" Again, I was lucky.

God works in ways I don't understand, but makes me a believer, twice I have had close calls in my life, then he added another, this time I realize that there are things I still have left to do, not for me but for others. He reminded me of that by the outpouring and love you sent me, I am truly honored, shocked and yet proud.

I could say Thank You to my family and those of you who gave me your encouragement and prayers, instead I say: I love you all. For you innate kindness, devotion to God and sense of family I get from all of you.

Thank you!


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