Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Yes, that is exactly what I am, a victim. Subliminally I can have a yen for anything that is suggested when it comes to food. Naturally, Italian food is my favorite, the smell of a pizzeria, an Italian Restaurant that specializes in certain regional Italian cooking all make me want if I hear about it, see or smell it.

Today in the newspaper the weekly food report is about Chinese food and where to get it. One of my favorite foods is Chinese, anything Chinese. Recently on the History Channel, I watched how once President Nixon opened the diplomatic door to China. He also opened a million Chinese restaurants with that visit. I viewed all the old footage of Nixon at the banquets toasting and eating what appears to be interesting little morsels of Chinese culinary masterpieces, along with toasts to go up the culinary gazoo.

I remember when that happened, I took TLW (The Little Woman) to lunch that day, and you can guess what I ate. Yes, Chinese food. I was in the spirit of things, doing my patriotic duty, imbibing upon oriental atmosphere and enjoying the fact that I helped in my own small way to make history.

I now have a yen (Sometimes I even amaze myself) for Chinese food again. I can taste it, I need it, I drink tea to get my mind off of it, but Chinese people drink tea, lots of it. You would think I’d give myself a break and want English food, but no, I want Chinese food.

So, what happens? My good buddy and former business partner sent me an e-mail. It is time for lunch, what do we always eat? Chinese!

Egg rolls don’t do it for me, that is amateurish. Won Ton Soup, on the other hand, makes me happy. I have to have dim sum, Szechuan beef or pork, maybe a nice fish or veggie in sesame oil with rice. I am even open to sushi. Maybe a little Thai shrimp soup would help me overcome my desire for Chinese food.

I think the thing about Asian food is not only the taste but the exotic look and the different kinds of dishes that are prepared. All are so very interesting to view, taste and celebrate.

I hope this little essay has forced you to have a desire for some Chinese or Asian food, and that it is takeout, so when I do go to a Chinese restaurant it won’t be crowded.


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