Saturday, February 11, 2017


Chi non è meco, è contro a meco.
English equivalent: He who is not with me is against me.

As president of the Board of Directors, sometimes duty calls in the most inconvenient hour on the most inconvenient of days. Having the job requires thinking about how to facilitate the issues and questions so the governing Board has a full grasp of everything needed to consider. Some of us have our agendas as far as what we want to do as a member of the Board. It is a smart Board, discussion and openness make us a great Board.

We all should have one thing in common, an agenda that speaks to those we are to serve. This agenda consists of budgets, policy, residences, jobs, education and health of people who we serve.

There is another crucial part of the agenda that is equally important, that of the well-being of the staff that perform the daily administering of services, be it in the capacity of a program director or the maintenance crew, a teacher or a nurse, or any other job we employ people for, they are a vital staff member doing something for someone else. This is God's work.

As Board members, if we feel there is an issue with a staff member, we take it to the administrators of the Agency and they must hear us out and either agree or disagree. It is incumbent on the Board member to leave all grievances at that door, abide by the rule of law that states we do not interfere with the staff in their jobs.

But here is the kicker: the staff works tirelessly for our children, siblings or those we are guardians for their benefit, bringing their lives the dignity and joy we all deserve. Having an issue seems counter-productive.

Sometimes we lose someone in one of our programs. The staff may be aware of that person's decline and sometimes they are taken unawares of any issues. When that death happens, staff come to say goodbye, staff gives the ultimate honor, remembering when someone passes. I know because all too often I have been to these wakes and funerals have witnessed first-hand the love and devotion they had for the deceased and I marvel at the love and affection along with the grief that is profoundly demonstrated by staff.

As a President I am sometimes distressed, as a parent, but I am always grateful for the staff.


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