Tuesday, February 14, 2017



It's Valentine's day, or the more official name: Saint Valentine's Day.

Way back in 4th grade, Mom would buy me a box of Valentine's cards, cheap and made for children, and I would write out my cards to all the girls in my class, I would sign my name at the bottom and count how many I got at the end of the day. These cards were exchanged in the classroom, and it seemed that everyone had the same cards to send. So we got back our investment with a little sentiment, too. The cards were small that folded open to a saying of some sort and the cover was always a red heart with a cutesy saying of sorts.

As I got older, that is in the fifth grade, I stopped the practice and moved forward with my loveless life Instead I would look forward to my Dad sending my Mom a card. He would sign it: From Tony. The card was always: To My Wife on Valentine's Day. Mom, through great detective work, knew it was meant for her, after all, Dad signed it: "From Tony." She was always right.

Then one day I got married, I had to, she was a fantastic gal who was the missing links in my soul, the reason to live further into my thirties. Every Valentine's Day I made sure to have a card for her and a little gift. Often, we would go to a restaurant I would surprise her with the gift over dinner. I like to be surprising. Once I actually washed her car without being asked!

But I discovered that "Be my Valentine" is a 365-day proposition of love and dedication. I got this idea from her, and I follow it religiously. So, today I will celebrate not St. Valentine, but The Little Woman, my wife for over 45 years, no hearts or flowers necessarily, but a love we share. To me, love is her face, her soul, her mind, it is her sacrifice that gave me 4 children. Most of all, it is her honesty. Let me tell you a little story:

One day we went to Home Depot to see if we could find an archway for our little garden on the side of the house. We find one and decide to purchase it and go up to the line at the checkout in the garden center.

TLW says to me that the price is good, $169, and we should buy it since it is the cheapest one around price wise as values go.

Our turn online comes and the girl behind the counter scans it and says: "$129, please".
TLW says: "What?"
Girl: "$129"
TLW: "But the price says $169?"
The shock of this conversation is causing me to lose blood pressure, fainting spells about to occur, and a general heart attack about to start.
TLW: "I saw it on the box over there!"
Not knowing how to stop Honest Abe I give her a slight body check, trying to save my money from undue harm. Meanwhile, she's arguing to raise the price we pay!
Me: "Whatta ya nuts? The lady said $129! You trying to kill me or something?"

See boys and girls, this is what happens when you marry someone who went to Catholic schools all her life, then taught religion to second graders.


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