Friday, February 10, 2017


I have a friend on the Board of Directors. Like all the board, he is one of many, and He is a good man. Recently he revealed that he had prostate cancer, and the news has shaken him somewhat. It has shaken me as well.

In today’s world, prostate cancer is not as devastating as it used to be, with the advancement of medical science and the knowledge we gain every day, catching it in time is good news and just a blip on the radar of life. I am confident that he will survive.
What troubles me is that he is a very good man, and a man of compassion, who does good works for the agency that I am a part of, and who will go out of his way to help. For that reason alone, I worry for him. In this stinking world, there are too few men that are good and we need them to help right the craziness that seems to prevail lately.

I am asking you as a reader and a human being, that you set aside all that comes your way and pray for him. He will survive and the prayers are for his ability to continue on his path of decency and that cancer will be cured, but that it does not slow his ability to do what is right for those he so devotedly serves.

As a Board member, he has a rather large agenda, to ensure his brother is taken care of when he is gone. His brother is a soul with disabilities that needs guidance and loving care, just like all of us. But his agenda goes beyond his brother, to those people that need his help in our agency, the many children, men and women who depend on the board to help them, and to ensure that the staff that serves so devotedly are given the tools they need.

Remember this, disabilities can hit anyone, that unfortunately, it just might affect your family if it hasn’t already. We need men like him, to pitch in, sleeves rolled up and determination to build a better world for all of us. Pray for this guy, not out of fear, but that his mission continues in his heart and soul, and with his hands guiding it.


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