Monday, February 20, 2017


If you are like me you receive a lot of information that you think is important, but you just don't have the time to act upon. Having an active email accounts for most of the information you get. Of course, the TV news does contribute to the glut of information also. Snail mail can and will if you are not careful fill your mailbox with an avalanche of paper all regarding health and what you should be doing for it.

Some of the things you read and hear make you feel overwhelmed, fearful or just plain guilty of inaction on your part. You struggle with the issues you do deal with, but someone is always nagging you to do this or that, keep your blood sugar low as well as your cholesterol, your blood pressure maintained and your intake of cancer producing foods at a minimal.

Sometimes I feel like a criminal, running from the Department of Health!

I recently had to change eye doctors because he made me nuts. He was an expert on eye care but a nuisance when it came to my diabetes, always citing numbers such as A1C and giving long speeches on diabetes and eye care, all things I am aware of and understand.

I take enough pills daily, some twice a day that when I walk I jingle! There are other pills I could take but enough is enough. It has become a major issue for me because I think of all the side effects that they can impose on one. I think I'm losing my sense of taste, and wonder which drug is causing that, or is there some new player in the mix of medications I will need, or is there something else that is wrong with me?

If I peruse the Internet, I see something about losing weight, I click and out comes this white talk board, with the narrator practically screaming, telling how I can lose weight immediately. Of course, it never does, it keeps putting another example complete with a drawing that materializes in front of my very eyes. Being an artist I wonder how anyone could illustrate something so fast? I know that at the end there is a sales pitch coming, in maybe a half hour of this nonsense so I never get to the end.

I used to laugh at how much medication my grandmother took, and now I can match her pill for pill, she lived until she was 97! Will I? Probably not, because the constant reminders will kill me.


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