Friday, March 03, 2017


I really don't like to express my personal opinion when it comes to politics on this blog, but this has been eating at me since the occurrence of President Trump barring some of the press. I think I can safely say that I do hold that true because this is something to do with the US Constitution, not a party.

Freedom of the press should amount to something, as should freedom of speech in the proper venue. It is a most precious value and lawful democratic practice for all the years we existed as a country, a nation of laws and freedoms that are protected by those laws.

We should NEVER allow either party censure or exclude any member of the press no matter what the opinion of an individual. How dare anyone to decide for me what news I can hear, this is not North Korea or the Russian Federation.

When we deny access to the press, we are denying the people access to the truth. Whatever our perception of truth is, we need to balance all opinions and weigh the facts as we know them, based on the various points of view.

If the press has any guts, and any real value, they will in-mass, boycott the White House news conferences until all are admitted. Let the people make up their own minds about what is fake and what is real.


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