Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Harry didn't let any grass grow under his feet, he was a money machine. Not only did h work for the Long Island Railroad, he also was way ahead of his time! He was flipping houses long before anyone thought of it.

Way back in 1971 when I married, I needed a place to live and looked for an apartment. My Uncle Joe mentioned that Harry had an apartment almost around the corner from my parent's house. By then I was working for an advertising company and no longer on the train with Harry and my Uncle in the morning.

I rented this wonderful little apartment that was part of a two-story building, each floor separate from the other. We had a tiny kitchen with a very small eating area and a living room and bedroom that accompanied the bathroom. It was our first home! Harry was our first landlord!

But Harry owned other apartments and would buy and fix up homes then rented them out, and soon he had a full-time business as a landlord. He did so well that finally in the 1990's, he sold everything and moved to a villa in Sicily, fully retired.


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