Monday, March 13, 2017


I've been living with my family for over 45 years. In all those years, I have been a very involved father, going to school events, sports events, and graduations, not to mention all the volunteer work.

When I was working, I was the center of the household for survival, and The Little Woman (TLW) was the center of the household day to day with the children and all the important things in family survival.

Recently I've been feeling left out, you might say almost invisible. Usually, when one of them calls, it's "Where's Mom?"
"She's shopping, can I help you?"
"Do you know when she's coming home?"
"She's shopping, probably when either the stores run out of stock or they have to close for the day."
"Have her call me when she gets home?"

When they were young and full of spunk, they would inevitably find themselves on my bed on a Saturday morning, looking to play with Daddy. Awakening on those Saturday mornings usually went like this: My nose is tweaked, or a question thrown out; "Daddy are you awake?" and sometimes the movement of the shaking bed by some little tot jumping up and down then sitting on my head.

Then one day we had an empty nest or Saturday morning bed with just me in it and the world has changed. They moved out and suddenly no one was the center of the household, just two people, and someone's mail. All correspondence was addressed to either TLW, # 1 or #2 son, or occupant! OCCUPANT! I don't even get the occupant mail!

So, since I retired all traces of my existence is gone. I no longer exist, wiped off the face of the Earth. However, my town has been able to keep in touch, sending me my property tax bill.


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