Wednesday, March 01, 2017


It's a very formal diner!
My week can be complex to simple, uneventful to dramatic, and in that time, there are many things I do. I have the agency to keep me busy, my art and reading and devising recipes for dinner that take me away from the usual and sometimes back to the past. There is work around the house, repairs and cleaning, and perusing the Internet.

Sometimes you'll find me browsing away in the local library, looking for something to read or a cd to enjoy music from. A baseball of football and occasionally hockey or basketball game can entertain me as well. You might even find me in the mall shopping for a present, or have lunch with a friend or two.

I sometimes travel on business overnight or two, all this keeps me busy and happy. I retirement is going spritely and without boredom, that makes me happy too.

But there is only one activity I really look forward to. It is a prescribed event and so is the time. It is a must and it makes me happy to do it, it is taking TLW (the Little Woman) to breakfast at one of my favorite eating spots. I have three and each one represents either the best fries, the best eggs or the best pancakes.

Being a creature of change, I look for things that make the mundane interesting. Something as mundane as going to a diner needs to be shaken up for the sake of sanity and variety, and mostly because TLW deserves the break and the changes. But that hour we spend together on Sunday, even though we may be alone the rest of the day, makes it special, we eliminate the distractions of our lives and just enjoy each other's company.


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