Friday, March 31, 2017


About the middle of December, the night before I was leaving to visit my son's family in California, I received a phone call from out of the past with an urgent need for my help. The party on the other end was Evy as we call her, and her son Jeffery. Evy's husband, Bob, worked at one time with me at the largest mail order house in the US until his death in the late 90's.

Bob was a good man, one with high morals and a decent mind who looked at life logically with had the attitude of a Jewish mamma. Being Jewish himself, he had this funny fatalistic attitude about life that would find me on the floor laughing at what his thoughts were.

Bob and Evy have a son, Jeffery, who has a permanent disability and lives his life in a wheelchair. Don't pity him, he doesn't need it, a graduate of college, he gets by without help. In fact, he is the center of this story as you'll see.

Jeff as I call him was volunteering his time for the YJCC, I believe that is the Young Jewish Community Center and was in a fix. A play was planned for March 18th, 2017 back in September and he needed a poster. They explained what they needed and sent me the file of his attempt at a poster for the play, DEATH OF A SALESMAN. Could I possibly do better and make it look good? I asked for whatever files they could send me and I went to work.

I created the poster and sent it to them. They were happy with it and so I thought that was the end of it. Then that night in mid-December that call came in with a panic request. Could I create new files from the poster for T-shirts for the event and could they have them yesterday? I explained I was going away the next morning for Burbank, California and the worried sounds and sadness on Evy's voice told me this was not good. All I could think of was the Jewish Mamma!

Once Bob had a sickness that required him not being able to drive to work, so every day I picked him up and drove him to the office and then drove him home. It was one of the best times in my life, with the conversations and topics we covered. How could I let Evy and Jeff down? So I decided that if I worked all night I would get it done, and I did!

I hope Bob knows this somehow because he would be proud of his son for the work he is doing for the YJCC.


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