Thursday, March 16, 2017


OK, I have seen it all! The Town of Brookhaven is just plain dumb! They are plowing my street, it doesn't have any snow, slush or ice on it, but that plow has now made two passes already. The driver is a woman on the cell phone and she is carrying in her truck a whole lot of sand. The plow is down but not the sand!

Being a cranky old man with time on my hands, I need to bitch, and after I got my tax bill this week, I have plenty to bitch about now. Recently we had a snow storm that did not cause a lot of traffic problems. It snowed and stuck on the grass but not on the pavement due to high temperatures the day before!

As I'm pushing the heavy snow to the sides of the driveway, I hear what I think is a plow! A plow!!! Where is this coming from? I look down the street and here comes a town truck, plow down on the pavement, probably ripping it up and it is not plowing anything!

I called the Highway Department and inquired why they plow empty streets, so they connect me to another person as I wait and listen to a bouncy tune. Another person answers and says: "The streets are icy and full of slush!" NO, NO! I replied and again stated the issue. She can't explain but she'll look into it.

The bouncy tune is to get you to dance and forget why you are calling.

Remind me to unquestioningly pay my taxes again this year!

As I write this she is going by one more time!


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