Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I know I spoke about this last week, but I am impressed after so many years of poor TV programming.

I'm beginning to change my mind about the offerings of TV. It seems it is the neo golden-age of TV broadcasting. I remember when there was nothing on but reality shows and unfortunately one reality show turned into a nightmare! (Can you hum: Hail to The Chief?)

Outside of The Big Bang Theory, there are no other comedy shows I feel funny enough, nothing to tickle my funny bone, just an endless continuation of flippant jokes, and over acting or should I say under acting? There seems to be a void after Jim Parsons as far as comedic characters go, and of the other characters:  they seem to be tailored for Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Leonard, Howie, and Raj along with the gorgeous Penny play off of each other. The development of new characters is very high in my book on that show when they introduce the likes of Stewart, Kripke, Amy and Bernadette. Leonard's mom and dad, Sheldon's mom and of course Penny's family. Bernadette's father is a fine actor who now appears in another show I enjoy: This Is Us!

But there is an emergence of quality starting in 2014 when I became acquainted with Downton Abbey. That soon followed with Breaking Bad, Madam Secretary, and Turn, about the American Revolution. I was teased with Better Call Saul, and now: Victoria and This Is Us.

This Is Us has me on a marathon of TV watching Free On Demand to catch up with all the episodes, it is that good!

The costuming for the period shows like Downton Abby and Victoria are incredible as is the art direction. Dialogue and acting just so superb that I have to admire the schools for teaching the talent how to channel it all! It has been an amazing experience.

So move over world, I got me a beer and a slice of pizza, now turn on that set!


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