Saturday, March 04, 2017


Over 90 bomb threats have been called in Westchester County and elsewhere this year to Jewish cemeteries and houses of worship.  

The ugliness that America fought so long ago in Europe is still alive here in the good old USA, as well as Europe. People because they believe in God in their own way, people who have contributed so much to the World in the arts and humanities become targets because of ignorance, bias, misinformation, lies, and meanness.

When does this stop? When do we make the Earth habitable for humanity? When do we reel in the crazies that populate this world and get a grip on this horrible thing? Is this the harbinger of worse to come? Will we pick on Blacks with more intensity, how about Hispanics and middle easterners, are they next, oh I forgot, we have a jump on that don’t we, or will the crazies seek out political enemies they imagine?

I’m glad that I am as old as I am, that soon life will end for me and I won’t have to witness the failure of the Human Race. Bigotry is ugly, it is easy to practice and never leaves anything positive. I grew up in a bigoted environment, it was more an outgrowth of ignorance and fear of immigrants from other parts of the world that intruded into my neighborhood. It took a while for me to cleanse myself of it, and makes me feel so void of any sense that I ever thought that way.

Life is beautiful, and in this country, it should be even better than that. There are doctors and surgeons, musicians and artists, cooks and law enforcement people waiting to burst from the population of our youth, regardless of color, regardless of religion, and in spite of our bias and ignorance. But they don’t come in defiance, they come to contribute to the Human Race.


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