Wednesday, March 15, 2017


--> If there is one thing that drives me crazy it is driving. Yes, that past time that causes me to swear and say the words I shouldn't when I drive alone. I don't use these words with anyone else in the car when I drive, but I do use them and it helps me vent.

There are too many stupid drivers out there. Too many morons that take to the road with an attitude that says they are not required to show courtesy, consideration and good judgment.

For instance: there is a light that once you pass it, the two lanes merge into one. If you stop at the light when it is red, and you are in the right-hand lane, the rules of the road and courtesy dictate you allow the person on the right the right of way. But you just know the moron on the left will step on it and race ahead of you and if you are not alert, will cause an accent.

You are in an exit lane, heading to the ramp and are almost there, some dumb-ass stupid moron will at the last minute, jump in front of you, causing you to jam your breaks. These imbeciles usually drive large vehicles to complicate the situation.

Driving on a major highway, you stick to the rule of allowing a safe distance between cars, yours and the one in front of you, yet some idled brain dip will fill that space because: God forbid there be a space.

Of course, the reverse is also true, you are driving along on that same highway and some moron pulls in behind you at 60+ mph and immediately tailgates you, and you wonder why they are allowed to breathe.

And my favorite, the brain-dead individual who will jump in front of you, while you are doing 65 mph and the low-life does 40 mph.

I wish I had a machine gun mounted on my car where I could shoot them off the road.


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