Friday, April 07, 2017


It comes every year now, my annual visit to my beautiful granddaughter: La Principessa! The reason for my visit is she has gotten older AND more beautiful! IT IS HER BIRTHDAY!

It is not enough that she lives in a beautiful home filled with the love of her parents, but that she lives in a place that I love, beautiful Burbank, California, with its palm trees, blue sky and warm days. The town of Burbank has the most interesting restaurants that exist, but wonderful shops and glorious parks.

Watching my little beauty grow from one year to the next is watching an amazing transformation, from a going percolator of smiles to a growing young lady of love and sweetness, that is intelligent beyond her years.

All too often I had to deal with unknowing love of grandchildren as other spoke of their grandchildren. Now, I can speak up, show pictures of just how beautiful she is and even brag. I AM GRANDFATHER! And when she says: “Grandpa” it makes me so proud, yet I feel so humbled. I look at her beautiful soft features, her golden hair and feel her warm heart, I can only fall in love again, and again!

When it was time for grandma and me to leave, we each hugged and kissed her. When it was my turn, I hugged and kissed her and she told me: “Grandpa, I love you!” ever so sweetly and with feeling. I will never forget that ‘goodbye’.  “Grandpa, I love you!” WOW!


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