Tuesday, April 25, 2017



Visiting my heart doctor gives me palpitations! I don't suffer from palpitations, except when I see my heart doctor.

The doctor is a young, handsome young man, filled with energy and has a skinny body.

I hate him.

He is very up all the time and that annoys me too. He should be prescribing care, and not cheer.

I hate him.

Not really, he does do his job well, he has kept me alive.

Maybe you should hate him.

Going to his office is a chore, sit and wait, and this last visit was particularly upsetting. As I sat in the packed waiting room, I looked around me and realized: all the patients are old. I may not be the youngest lightbulb in the pack, either!

I hate that.

Have you ever watched a really old person make an appointment? They are offered dates that they can't make. Where the Hell is anyone going at 91-years of age??? After the appointment maker gives out a date, there is a long pause before they say they can't make it. Here I am behind them wondering if I'm going to make it if they don't hurry up.


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