Sunday, April 30, 2017


Years ago, there was a commercial selling pork, the other white meat. It was clever and I paid attention to it and now love pork chops, pork loin, and salami.

In my retirement, when I have free time I like to read. I have been reading three books on different topics and enjoy each book. One of the things I discovered is reading makes you understand better the complexities of subjects, just by expanding the field that interest you, that it opens up the windows and lets in the fresh air, chases the old notions that were instilled in me so long ago that I question everything and see a better understanding!

I never realized just how much all of us are ignorant of certain matters, just because we led busy lives and couldn't take the time to read as I do now. Being a student of perspectives by nature, the view is quite interesting and I realize more complex. My old beliefs are being thrown out the window, my allegiances to certain things are no more, everything is under question. I'm very proud to say both my sons are like that, too, maybe more so than me.

I love to read history, anything from the economic growth of pre-historic man to the current crises as they arise, give me pause to read a little deeper, find out what was told to me as truth and what was not, it is a great feeling of enlightenment and a deep satisfaction.

No longer are the history books of my youth, the cannon law of my faith and the daily doses of ‘truth' the Free Press presented to me accepted as fact, I want the whole story, and by digging into the whole truth, with all the ugliness it may uncover I get deep satisfaction and a sense of unloading the chains of blind acceptance.

But I could never do this if it weren't for this wonderful instrument we call the U.S. Constitution, for I can weigh divergent opinion and facts for myself, and not be prosecuted as I formulate or revise my beliefs.


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