Thursday, May 18, 2017


The competition was fierce!
There are two constants in this world that seem to hold true. One is that the weather on Mother’s Day will be lousy and the weather on a Jewish holiday and Father’s Day will be great.

Mom had this pet peeve about this, in her jousts with Dad about this, she would complain out loud...

Mom: “My God, it’s always raining on Mother’s Day, yet Father’s Day is always beautiful!”
Dad: “He-he-he!”

I would pray that Passover and Easter Sunday arrived on the same day. I don’t care what the Christians think, all I know is the Jews are getting the beautiful weather on their holidays while the Christians get rain. Is there a message there? My suspicion is that the people of Israel ARE the chosen ones, even Jesus was Jewish.

Dad resembled Sid Caesar, that great comedian of the early 1950’s, who along with Imogene Coca and fed by two of the best writers in TV, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, made for some truly great TV. I would watch this and ask Dad; “Why aren’t you funny like this guy? Dad? Dad?” and Dad was fast away, snoring.

I guess Christians should abandon the Gregorian Calendar, and re-align their holidays with either Father’s Day or Jewish holidays, making for a sunny and pleasant celebration!


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