Saturday, May 27, 2017


What is? Brotherly love. I got to witness it first hand as my two sons spent a weekend together and celebrated.

You know how wonderful it is to hear your sons speak about things in a grown up and intelligent manner? To listen to them speak about books, movies and world affairs without sounding like idiots? It makes a father proud. Sociology, politics, the humanities, you name it, they can talk to each other on a high plane and speak with interesting opinions and well thought out logic.

It makes a father proud.

As I attended #2 Son Mike’s graduation, #1 Son, Anthony, sat raptly and absorbed by the proceedings, getting the movie and still pictures of his baby brother. That made me feel very good and proud of both of them. There was a special bond that said: “Look, there’s my baby brother!” It looks like he was attending his own son’s graduation.

I have to get on my knees and thank God for the luck and beauty I have within my grasp, my beautiful family. Supportive of each other, and a great mom who crafted all this together, she is the love of my life and I think my sons would vouch it is true in theirs.

Growing up I always wished for brothers and never had one. What I wouldn’t have given for an older brother to look up to or one I could look after, but when I married that amazing gal, she gave me all the joy I could hope for in three sons, she totally delivered, including the apple of my eye, my daughter, Ellen.

God is great!


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