Thursday, May 11, 2017


Years ago, there was a show called ‘Leave It to Beaver', a popular TV show that had a lot of interest from the general public It was widely popular and ran from 1957 until 1963. One of the things about it was the hometown had a rival, a fictional place called Bellport, my hometown. Believe me, there was more fiction than truth in my Bellport.

The father, Hugh Beaumont wore a suit, on Saturday while reading his newspaper, and Momma, Barbara Billingsley wore pearls, while cleaning the toilet bowl. Then, of course, there was Wally: AKA Tony Dow, the do-gooder who never swore, smoked or even checked out a girl, was the Beaver and my conscience.
Also, years ago, I was a cute 5-year old, running around the streets of Brooklyn and learning about life. More about this later.

Jerry Mathis was the Beaver, the precocious little urchin who found trouble by just getting up in the morning, a lot like me at 5-years old!

But something critical happened to Jerry Mathis as the Beaver, he grew up and grew out of his cuteness. After years when the show went off the air, no one saw Jerry Mathis, then one day he reappeared on TV as a guest, and everyone asked the same question: "WHAT HAPPENED???"

If you look at my pictures, you will also ask: "WHAT HAPPENED???"

Indeed, a sad state of affairs.


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