Saturday, May 06, 2017


The morning conversation used to be about the kids. What they are doing, where they are going, maybe about our friends and family, sometimes planning a vacation over a cup of coffee. We would put on the news to get the weather and traffic. That was the conversation over our morning java.

Since we reached our 70's, the topics of conversation have turned to more important issues, our aches and pains! Yes, getting out of bed, showering, dressing and dragging ourselves downstairs to the kitchen for that cup of Java, is now accompanied by our arthritic dance, with lyrics:

 (Holding our sides with both hands): "OW! OOOOH!!! Ouch!"

Standing in front of the coffee pot I sing out: "Altogether, NOW! OW! OOOOH!!! Ouch! OW! OOOOH!!! Ouch! OW! OOOOH!!! Ouch!" Turn, turn, turn.

Once we are done with our dance, we then discuss the current medications, what we take, how much and where are we on the prescriptions. If we are out of a med, we negotiate a loan and the payback procedures. Negotiations usually run quickly with agreements.

Night-time, we start the process all over again. After dinner, as we sit in our recliners and recline as we decline, we try to move for one reason or another and: OW! OOOOH!!! Ouch!"
Yes, pain is our constant companion.


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