Thursday, May 04, 2017


I used to go to my primary care physician and find the whole process time-consuming. There was the waiting to be called and once in the examining room, more time-consuming and frustrating. It seems that all I did was wait for the doctor who habitually ran late. The processing system from announcing myself until I paid the co-pay was tedious and difficult. You also had to make an appointment. One of the problems was the doctor was part of a group, and the leader of the group was an old-timer, set in his ways. The office was old, with paneling from the 1960's, probably from his basement after he redid it.

That has all changed!

From three physicians to two, with the old-timer retiring and the younger guys coming up with a speedier system. It is now a pleasure to go to the doctor, pee in the cup and get blood from me, all within the timeframe of going out to my car from my easy-chair.

My new doctor is more relaxed, too! Unlike the old-timer, he doesn't get into politics, his hatred of lawyers and insurance companies and his threats to retire and close shop.

You get called at the appointed hour, go to the examining room where the assistant instructs you to go take a pee and bring it back (any of you this popular?) and then I step on the scale, she weighs me and gives me the next appointment time! How cool is that? I waiting for a slap on the ass!

Even the basement paneling looks brighter!


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