Sunday, May 21, 2017


TLW (The Little Woman) is on vacation as I write this. #2 Son will be graduating from college and #1 Son will fly in from California for the big event.

While on her vacation, she decided to have a cataract surgery done on her eye and that means a follow-up visit the next day. What it really is, is a pre-cursor to our retirement years, time spent in doctor's waiting rooms for each of us. This is, of course, the way life ends for old people.

When we went for the surgery, all we saw were old couples, usually a bossy wife and an obedient husband. That, of course, is the end result of a long marriage. We become caddies for our wives as we hold coats, pocketbooks and other sundries moving through the reception and waiting room, check in and answer questions.

As we did, I mentioned to TLW that since it was so early in the morning, 6:00 am, that I would either find a coffee machine or leave and go get some coffee. I sat down as she went up to the desk to check in. As she did she was asked if she had anyone with her and if so, would I be waiting? TLW stated she had me, and if there was coffee in the house depended on whether or not I was waiting. They have coffee.

As she went in, I got myself a delicious cup of java or joe, or as we used to say: coffee. This guy comes in with his wife and mother-in-law and they state that they want some coffee. I don't think anything of it and as I am reading "A Man Called Ove" a great book, by the way, I see this same guy outside the building walking towards a Starbucks next door. Now if you know anything about Starbucks, it is an over-priced trendy over-rated coffee pot that gives off status for those who like to walk around with coffee containers in their hands. I figure the two coffees he had cost about $14 while mine was free! Believe me, mine was better tasting.


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