Sunday, May 07, 2017


Every other day I get text messages from an old high school buddy. It is usually something crazy that makes me laugh. I, in turn, do the same to him.

When we were young, we kidded each other over things like all teenagers do, mainly sex, our mothers and how smart we thought the other guy was, and for sure certain teachers. We usually tried to ‘fix-up’ each other with the most unlikely girls in the barn.

Well, last night he gave me a call, and we did the usual, talk about our health and what lies ahead. Then we touched upon sex, he doesn’t recall and I don’t remember why, but for old time’s sake, we had to bring it up.

This, of course, led to old girlfriends and dates. We covered who we went out with and where they are now. We also wondered what they are doing now, and of course, who is still standing, or if any of them are married.

But on the serious side, he mentioned his two marriages, and how he vowed never to marry again, and how lucky I was to be still married to the same woman. Being married to the same woman is a blessing, we really fight, I never ever had an urge to stray and I know that she would never either.

But the funny thing is, we both went through tough times on a personal basis, him with his divorces and me with my daughter Ellen and my son Joseph who passed before he was 2-years old, yet we find time to laugh at each other and ourselves.


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