Wednesday, May 03, 2017


I believe that you always treat people with low-income or minimum wage earners with respect. God only knows how difficult life is for those who struggle that I would take away their dignity too. Working at different jobs does not always reflect the person's status in life, nor does making a lot of money. It only defines what you do to survive. However, there is out there an attitude that crosses the line of income or job status that can be very trying.

Every Sunday morning my wife and I go to a diner for breakfast where we close out the distractions of the inner world and talk about things that consume us such as her job or my work f or AHRC Suffolk, the agency I volunteer for.

I have certain things I want to be done when I order my breakfast, and it all has to do with the potatoes. I like my potatoes to be French fries and well-done. There is no compromise on this.

Waitress: "Do you know what you would like?"
Me: "Yes, Cheese omelet with French fries, done extra crispy, or I send them back!"
Waitress: "No problem, do you want hash browns of French fries?"


Me: "I just told you, French fries extra crispy!!

Well, I must say, she got me French fries, although her interpretation of extra crispy is not mine, but as she left me at the table she had this face on that she kept all through the meal.

Who knows what her day started out as at home, what issues she is facing with her kids or spouse or even her job? We tipped her, after all, she did try, I was somewhat rude I think, after I snapped at her I felt bad so I will not burden her more than she is already.


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