Friday, June 09, 2017


I understand that President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw the USA from the Paris Accord on global warming. He feels it is costing the USA too much money, and if it is, I can't tell since I've been too busy separating the garbage from the recyclables.

Personally, I have decided to stay with the accord and continue separating the garbage from the recyclables. Since it was agreed on and signed in Paris, France, I will be ordering French Fries with French Toast for breakfast on Sunday mornings. What TLW (The Little Woman) decides will be strictly on her conscience.

Global warming?
Many of you (both) will probably think this is so unpatriotic, supporting POTUS is our mission, to deny the very idea of global warming, after all, we did have some really cold days in January this year, so where's the warming? And if we look at the scientific concept that many bodies brought together causes warmth, thus contributing to the warming of our planet, banning the Muslims from traveling to the good old USA is reasonable. Extra Muslims hanging around will unfortunately only make it more necessary to disrobe in a crowded room, I mean just look at how they dress, in sheets, makes me hot.

I'm becoming more enamored by POTUS for many reasons. The first reason is we can now type ‘POTUS' instead of spelling it out, something like TLW. (See above)

You have to love the idea of building a wall. How long has it been since we redecorated here in the USA? Since the Revolution? Maybe we should also power wash Mt. Rushmore.
Dangerous elements especially the one on his Mamma's lap!

A re-rapprochement with Russia is a good idea. For years, they have been our enemy, trying to get our secrets, things like the recipe for Russian dressing for one. How about all that reading we've been doing on Literature from Chekhov and Tolstoy. And what about the famous composers such as Boris Alexandrovich Tchaikovsky?

 Then there is the idea that POTUS will do our thinking for us! Yes, no longer do I have to think about things such as the Mexicans and Muslims taking up the aisles in my Stop and Shop, we just won't let them in. This will of course cause businesses to discount everything and put it all on sale, and who will benefit? Why us freedom loving patriots whose grandparents came here because of religious or racial persecution! What a great country! Thank you Mr. POTUS!


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