Friday, July 07, 2017


Joe, Me, Pete and Dominic
There is nothing better than when old friends get together. It seems the years are marked with days that have special memories and meaning to anyone who has a friend, let alone more than one.

Every year for a while I have been meeting with three guys from my old company, and together we have the time of our lives, laughing about the times of our lives in the past. It helps that two are like an old married couple that loves each other but love to bicker and keeps me laughing.

One, Pete, is a photographer, and a damned good one. One, Dominic was a studio manager in the past who joined my company after many years with another establishment, and one, Joe, who is the only sane voice in the trio. All these guys are fun to be with, laugh at themselves and each other, but like good eggs in a meatball, bind well.

The last two years we've spent our reunion lunch at a country club called JC's in Manorville, and we sat down for lunch, and when we left the waiters were handing out dinner menus!

Having people come together for a lunch, laughing and apprising each other of their failings in a good way, makes for a huge blur, one of constant joy and banter, the best thing a bunch of old retired colleagues can afford to muster.

When people ask how my retirement is going, I tell them great, and wait for next year's reunion luncheon where we never say: "Goodbye", we say: "Let's do this again!"


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