Saturday, July 29, 2017


Being how I reached my seventies I look back at my life and try to think of all the wonderful things that have happened to me. From the wonderful day in June, way back in 1971, the rewards have been many.

From: “I do” to the latest: “good morning’ or ‘good night’ kiss things have occurred not always good, but on the whole things are good and dare I say “Beautiful” from the past.

I have the gift of a loving wife, children that I love, a career that was good to me, my own talents and a wonderful set of parents that taught me many things about life that keep on being useful as I age.

Watching my children grow, overcoming adversity and their personal triumphs, get me excited and make me feel good about the future of their lives.

But when you look back you wonder what is the best? What memory or event bests reward a life of both joy and tears? It came one day in a phone call about 3 ½ years ago, one that made my wife and I immediately get on a jet plane and fly to California.

We were too late in our arrival, yet were rewarded so handsomely as we met for the first time our brand-new grandchild, a beautiful little bundle called Darby Shea! For so many years I had to listen to people talk about their grandchildren and the joys of grand parenting, then there she was, the most beautiful child I have ever seen. Her sweet little voice calls me “grandpa” and suddenly I feel so important, so blessed and so happy.

The funny thing is that when my own children were born, there was pressure as a father to plan for their future, and there was the issue of our parenting philosophy, and an everyday awareness of the importance of being there for them, in other words; pressure.

Little Darby Shea gives us no pressure, just plain old joy, laughter and the gift of renewed life. Life is beautiful!


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