Thursday, July 27, 2017


Years ago, when I was growing up, it seemed to me that one had a good clear idea about what was going on. You went to a doctor, he had a nurse who stuck a thermometer under your tongue and it told him your temperature. You had to wait a few minutes as the thing took its time, but it did the job.

If you went to a mechanic to have your car fixed, the guy made you leave it and said: "Tuesday"
When you asked on Wednesday when it would be done. You filled the jalopy up with gas and you gave the attendant cash.

You got on line at the grocery store and put your items down and the clerk took out a brown paper bag, and fat black or red crayon and tallied up all the items, and that was what you paid. There was the butcher, baker and green grocer, all employed and at your disposal as you choose which one made you happiest.

You wanted information, you went to the library, looked it up and spent more time perusing the shelves and magazine racks for things of interest.

Going to school you had books, notebooks, and pencils as your toolbox. Nothing else.

Dating someone, you had to wait for the next day to see him/her again, or you called on the phone.


Today so much has come from the use of electronics, once we got the TV and radio. The use of new tools such as recorders, calculators, and instant cameras started to make inroads into the future, yet we could not imagine how much more life would get better.

Now you can text someone instantly, call someone by a phone that sits in your pocket, use the phone to research, take a picture and store personal information, life is good!

You can drive a car that tells you when you are too close to someone, you have strayed out of your lane and is a moving phone booth, all making life better. In that little piece of equipment, you have the power of those old-time computers, with more memory, more applications, and far more sophistication. Now when I want to know how the Mets did, I just take out my phone and ask Siri, instead of having to go on the radio or TV or buy a newspaper, all this on a cell phone.


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