Sunday, August 13, 2017


I needed to go to the mall the other day and found that it is a great indicator of what’s happening. Being retired I have somewhat shrunk from the public venue. Watching people parade by one gets to see the latest trends.

Old men are less and less occupying the seats outside the stores with their wife’s pocketbook in their laps. Teenagers are there, staring into their cellphones. Walking along, the rug rat population is on the increase, as is the volume of screaming coming from the little pains. You need to keep your eyes opened as the strollers can cripple you.

Walking hand-in-hand as still in vogue, as is finger intertwining, as long as you’re young.

There is the old folk, walking in their sneakers and sweats , fists clenched and swinging their arms as they try to make time along the mall.

The most disgusting things to find are first of all, the tattoo parade on old gals who tattoo everything visible, and I’m wondering maybe even everything else.

The celluloid parade on those same old girls is a lot like the parade of lights at Disneyland or Disney World. They wear short shorts and the celluloid on the back of their thighs looks like they are hiding small coins under their skin.

Aside from the world passing me by, everyone as they do, have their noses in their cellphones, so I guess I will try to stay away from the mall as much as possible.


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