Saturday, August 05, 2017


One of the irritants in life is when people use wrong words, too many words, and non-words. There are people who use words inappropriately and think that they are smart, and have a good vocabulary, but their use of certain words leaves me embarrassed for them, and it does happen.

I used to know someone who used a word that made me cringe whenever she used this word. Now the person involved was not a genius but of good average intelligence. The offender never had a vocabulary, to begin with, but somehow this word stuck with her. ‘Regardless' was the word she abused, like a red-haired mule. Instead of using the word, she would say: "Irregardless".

On the evening news one night there was an accident involving a few cars. "A really bad accident-news at five!" Ouch! A bad accident? I could see a good accident when you unexpectedly have a good thing happen to you by accident. But to get into an accident that causes monetary and physical damage, that is an accident, no need to be redundant. This I know because I checked with the Department of Redundancy Department.

Of course, I coulda or shoulda have written about my own misses, and I woulda except that coming from Brooklyn, with a severe hearing loss, I would have or should have written about my own problems.

 I know this is a small complaint, but this does feel good now.


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