Thursday, August 03, 2017


You have all read in the New Testament or heard of the Miracle of the 7 Fish and 7 loaves and how Jesus fed hundreds from it, then gathered up the left overs.

Many years later a miracle involving fish came to Brooklyn one cold wintry night. It seemed we had to go to dinner one Sunday to Grandma's house, all the relatives were there from Long Island and we all ate a wonderful meal started with grandma's pasta, or as we used to say: Macaroni. The dinner went well into the evening and when we left Grandma's house, it was dark and bitter cold. It was so cold the wind bit our faces and chilled down freezing our fingers and toes. Mom in her fur coat and Dad in his winter woolen coat braved the cold and carried us, kids, along, walking the 3 or 4 blocks.

We lived in a 3-story walk up. We didn't have any heat like normal people, just an oil-burning cast-iron stove that needed oil to run and someone to feed it. Being how we were gone all day, the stove was out for a few hours and the apartment that was on the top floor, and faced an alley on one side was frozen cold. It was a few hours before we could take off our coats.

As we entered the apartment, the first thing I noticed was our goldfish, Duke Snider was on his side, floating on the surface.

"Dad! The Duke is dead!"

Dad took one look at it and swung into action. Reaching into the tank, he held the frozen fish in between his thumb and forefinger and started to vigorously rub the fish. As he concentrated and I stared in disbelief, suddenly the fish started to move!


Slowly we warmed up the water a little and placed Duke into his habituate and it merrily swam around its bowl once again!

Mom always bemoaned that Dad never went to church, that he would sleep in on Sunday morning and any religious holiday that required a church visit. But here he was a miracle I could verify. No wonder he never went to church, he was GOD!!! No need to praise himself I guess.


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