Saturday, August 12, 2017


Me and my researcher
It will all come as a shock to them.
Recently from the results of my DNA testing I have been able to find cousins from the past. Fortunately, I don't owe them any money.

One of the things that happen is offers to sell you, even more, information than they gave you for $100! For instance, they offer to build your family tree, something I will refrain from since I'm afraid of finding a monkey in that tree.

When you think about it, having two people as your parents, a number of possibilities for being related to someone else is great. I have third or fourth cousins with certainty as far as is concerned. It even gives you the names and a chance to email them.  I find this kind of exciting while at the same time awkward. How do you start an email saying we might be related? Does the party on the other end see your name, check with the crime labs and post office pictures before responding?

There are people that write to others stating they are related and need a few bucks, yet anyone writing to me would be sending money, I'm sure.

TLW (The Little Woman) has taken an interest in my ancestry, tracking down long lost grandfathers, aunts, and cousins. She now knows my family better than I do, including all the boarders who rented their living space and the sizes of some of those refrigerator boxes.

I think I'll start to retain the info and put it in a file for my two sons, they can read it all and deny everything while changing their last name.


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