Monday, September 04, 2017


If there is one thing I am grateful for, it is all the wonderful people I have met who are developmentally disabled. These are people with no grudges, no hate, and no excuses, all they can offer is love.

Recently, I was at the main office for a teleconference with the CEO and another two parties on a subject of great urgency. After the meeting, I visit the staff and say: “Hello”, they are some of my favorite people.

Every day that I go to the office, for meetings or to sign checks, I am greeted by this one gentleman who is disabled and I believe delivers mail to the different offices and cubicles. He is a friendly loving man, who I pay particular attention to when I see him. His smile lights up the room and draws you in, as he will engage you in conversation. His name is Tyrone and he is not over 5 feet, but his heart is being that of one who is 9 feet tall.

One morning when our conversations began, I noticed he was wearing a UNC shirt, and I asked him about it and he smiled his smile and made me glad I asked. We would always sing the UNC fight song and laugh. Then he would give me the latest news in his life, his plans for the weekend, or something that he did or was about to do. I would tell him mine and so we went on, this occurs just about every day we met, except for the singing that one time.

Then on my last visit to the agency I got this piece of paper handed to me from one of the people in the office.


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