Tuesday, October 10, 2017


It was a quiet Thursday late afternoon, and I'm in the midst of cooking dinner. When I cook, I like to be organized and not disturbed. No one should be in my way and I hate interruptions, unfortunately, that is usually what I get!

As the pork chops heated up to a new level of flavor, my phone rings, Anonymous is on the other end, and so thanks to Caller ID I don't answer. I go back to cooking, annoyed that these calls must be so constant, If, it isn't ‘Anonymous', it's ‘Out of Area' or ‘Private'.

A few moments go by and I hear a few knocks on my front door! I get annoyed, I figure it is some monkey looking to sell me new windows, or a new roof, or even a repaving of my driveway. I go to answer the knock and there he is, a fellow with a bunch of brochures, and now he will annoy me. He is a young man in his thirties or early forties and would put a cue-ball to shame. Not only that, he is staring at me eye to eye and he has a happy face. He introduces himself as a candidate for the NYS Assembly and I recognize him immediately from my wife's description from her meeting him early the week before.

It seems he came to the Wanna-Be-Bank and Truss Company for some reason or another, had a long last name and stated he was a politician running for the office of Assemblyman as a candidate for the NYS Assembly. This information was related to me one night at dinner when I asked TLW (The Little Woman) how her day was.

"He said he was a politician running for office in I think the NYS Assembly!" she said. She went on to tell me he was bald as a cue-ball and for some reason thought him odd. I reminded her that being a politician makes you odd all on its own.

So, looking at him I wanted to say: "Hey, I know you! You're the weird guy from the Wanna-Be Bank and Truss Company!" I refrain but the chops are cooking, yet I want to ask him some questions. He gets away. I'm disappointed that I can't take the time and challenge him. I have a few things I want to say!


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