Tuesday, November 07, 2017


Michael and me
And the three ‘Mesketears'.

I am presently writing a book in collaboration with a gentleman from the old sod, that is Brooklyn. Although he is from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn and I hail from Bushwick, our lives are very similar and in effect can mirror one another's. Both Italian-American our cultures are cemented as one.

His name is Frank and doing this project with him is a pleasure for me personally. He is a wonderful individual who still has his boyish enthusiasm and likes to relate his childhood life. We met because of a mutual friend named Michele from my high school days. It was our love for our past they motivated Michele to recommend this union.

He has brought me back to my childhood days on the streets, the imagination that was always presenting itself to me and my grasping it to the fullest. Being poor never registered in my heart or mind, just the love of family and friends within the confines of the neighborhood.

Which takes me to my two best friends: Anthony and Michael as we roamed the streets and concrete jungle that was my first home. We grew up together for a while and then moved on, however, those days never left me, those good times helped me immeasurably throughout my life, in my outlook, perseverance, and determination.

Growing up with friends who were always available, always ready to do things and never fighting with each other, we had a bond. Mike was a redhead and the youngest, while Anthony was older and a kind of leader. Me, I always was ready to do mischief, just tell me with who and where and I'll find a way.

Our targets were often the greengrocer from around the corner, the corner bar with three entrances for us to ‘raid' and anyone deemed asking for it. We never broke the law but did break the silence.

There was a set of neighbors who lived across the street from us who we called the ‘Lampshades' because they were always sitting at their bedroom window watching us play and telling us what we should do. Often, we pulled pranks on them to get their reactions and to come downstairs and intervene. Once they came down, we would disappear and watch from a hallway hidden, laughing that they made the trip for nothing.


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