Wednesday, November 08, 2017


No more! No more speeches, tuxedos and loud bands slamming in my ears. My term is over as President of the Board of Director's come this May. I can relax, not worry or think about agency business as I will take a place around the long table and just cruise until they carry me away.

This year's Candlelight Ball which raises money for our programs and supports was very successful, filled with people who enjoyed themselves and were fed well. Mamma Lombardi once again coming through for our cause with a redecorated ballroom and an over-adorned DelBloggolo in attendance.
My daughter Ellen in rehab

This is the first year TLW (The Little Woman) and I didn't dance, making me feel that maybe I am old, sadly it doesn't bother me all that much. I remember when my Grandmother went to weddings and danced the Tarantella with my great Uncle Felix her older brother, it was a highlight of the reception as the music built to make anyone want to dance grew, the couple swinging to the traditions of their culture. Then one day I decided to get married and asked my grandmother to dance the Tarantella at my wedding and she said: no, she was too old anymore to indulge in something so physical. THAT was my real first lesson about the aging process.
It seems a lot of life is getting done. At my age, I often wonder if I'll ever get to see my granddaughter Darby again, or visit the lovely state of California or Cape May New Jersey. I'm not being maudlin, just realistic, with all I have not going for me anymore. When the doctor starts worrying about my kidney or an aneurysm in my stomach, my high blood pressure and high cholesterol, my veins clog naturally, I can't help but wonder.

Over the past three years since Mom died, and Dad over 25 years ago, there is no one left in this world from my family I grew up in, but thank God, I have a wife and kids, a wonderful daughter-in-law and this fantastic grandchild named Darby, the culmination of many years of wanting a grandchild, and getting one so special.

As you stand upon the shore,
And look across the sea.
At sand or surf and evermore,
Please, don't look for me.

When you walk among the trees,
And flowers, birds so free.
Remember I am one with these,
So, please don't look for me.

For I will be of moments past,
A distant memory.
Salute, hold high your glass,
But don't look for me.


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